11 thoughts on “Arriving to Takayama

      1. We were planning to go sometimes in March or April. We found a really nice flat in Nara because Tokyo and Kyoto seem to be hideously expensive. Did you stay in one place and then travel around or did you stay in several places? Your pics are really gorgeous.


      2. Thanks, but it’s easy to take nice pictures when everything around you is so beautiful :) Wow, during the cherry blossom, you will love it!
        We were always going around, had hotels for 3-4 days and during the day we went for daytrips to places nearby. For example to Nara we went from Osaka. Osaka is much cheaper than Kyoto, did you check it also there? Where else are you going?

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      3. Here the plan (now you’ll know everything about me ;) – we are going to Vienna, Paris (to promote my book), Taiwan, then probably Africa and Spain, and then Japanโ€ฆ Now, we checked Osaka but didn’t find much. However, we found this really cute place in Nara which is about ยฃ1000 per month. I think that’s quite reasonable for Japan. What do you think?


      4. uhh honestly I have no idea about the prices, I’ve never rented a flat there. A friend found something for a ‘good price’ (thats what he said) in Tokyo for October.

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