2 thoughts on “Skiing in Madonna di Campiglio

  1. Looks great! I am going there at the end of this month. Any suggestions on side trips, where to eat, navigating the area? Also, do you have any additional pictures of the village?


    1. Hi Clare! I actually just went back there :) What I would absolutely recommend is to go to Chalet del Fiat. They have a self-service restaurant for skiers, and a ‘proper’ one with waiters and everything on the other side. On Thursdays and Saturdays they reopen the lifts and they do dinner too! Just make sure you have a reservation for that. It’s on the top of the Spinale lift. The other place to try is called Cascina Zeledria (this one is really local). If there is too much snow to get there, give them a call and they will pick you up with a snowcat from the parking close by, it’s quite cool! :) Due Pini and Zanolini are also nice, but tend to be quieter then the other two. These are my favourite, but the food is good in the whole region anyway, so you can’t go wrong. I’m not sure about side trips though, I’ve been to Trento to check the Christmas markets, but I don’t think there is too much to do there now. If you are planning to take skiing lessons just ask the instructors, I’m sure they can recommend something nice. I hope I could help, if there is anything else just drop me a line. Enjoy your trip! :)


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